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We were looking for ways to improve our fuel economy and came across the Moletech device. We wanted to do a small trial to see if the technology really worked. The Moletech devices were installed in 3 of our vehicles. We tracked fuel consumption daily both pre-trial and during the trial. I am happy to state that the devices worked just fine and that we experienced an improvement in fuel performance of 20%.

We submitted the results of our test to the DHL Contracts Department. That department is the liaison between DHL and the Independent Contract network. After reviewing our results, the Contracts Department believed that we should become a vendor to the DHL network and supply the Moletech devices to all contractors who wanted them.

DHL had strong motivation to have Contractors use these devices since they were reimbursing Contractors for fuel price variance. If these devices were installed in a major portion of the fleet, there would be very significant annual savings to DHL. This would be most productive in the areas where DHL was providing fuel cards to the Contractors and actually paying for the fuel directly. Discussions were underway to run a test on several vehicles in DHL's own fleet. That project was cancelled when DHL announced their shut down of US Domestic services.

In terms of our savings, in the test area the vehicles averaged 600 miles per week. With Fuel prices at $2.25 per gallon, our cost per mile went from $.1875 to $.1607. For our Ford E250 that's a saving of $826.16 per year.

In an additional test, the price of fuel began at $3.72 and our cost per mile dropped $.31 to $.266. This would have resulted in an annual saving of $1,372.80 with the $.31 drop.


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M1003 Scooters Up to 100CC Engines
M1010 Motorcycles 100cc to 3000CC Engines
M1027 Gasoline / Petrol Vehicles Under 3.0 Litres
M1058 Gasoline / Petrol Vehicles 3.0 to 6.0 Litres
M1034 Diesel Vehicles Under 6.0 Litres
M1041 Diesel Vehicles Over 6.0 Litres
M1089 LPG Vehicles 3000CC to 6000CC Engines
M2041 Diesel Vehicle 6000CC to 12000CC (Tank: 400 Litres)
M3042 Diesel Vehicle 6000CC to 12000CC (Tank: 600 Litres)
M4042 Diesel Vehicle 6000CC to 12000CC (Tank: 800 Litres)



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