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The Kyoto Protocol is highly respected as an important protocol in dealing with climate change as well as Global Warming.

There are however, various limitations to the Kyoto protocol which are widely accepted in the global environmental community. With over 33 Billion dollars currently owed by countries, enforcing the Kyoto protocol penalties is difficult. There is also said to have been a lack of restrictions on, and therefore commitment from, some of the biggest polluters in the world including China and India.

The Kyoto protocol has not been ratified by some countries which are still decreasing emissions such as the USA who have been decreasing their levels of emissions without having signed the Kyoto Protocol. For other countries such as those in Easter Europe, the decrease in their emissions may not have been a deliberate result of signing Kyoto, but the direct result of the recent downturn in manufacturing and production activity.

With some countries signing, some countries not, and other countries decreasing their carbon emissions anyway, there is has been much international confusion about the Kyoto Protocol's effectiveness.


Moletech Global is continually expanding into the European Market. There has been an increase in European interest in the product particularly following this years exhibition at the Hong Kong Global Sources trade show. Moletech Global is committed to addressing growing demand over Europe and the UK.

Moletech has officially opened its UK office to address the continued demand for the Moletech Fuel Saver and continues to work closely with its UK Distributor.

The UK office is now a key point in Moletech's international hub, and the Moletech team is working around the clock in sales, after sales services and managing the ongoing trials in the European Region.


Once again, the Moletech Fuel Saver has featured in the Hong Kong Top Gear magazine as well as Car and Driver Magazine. Top Gear is a leading Auto Magazine with publications all over the world.

Moletech Global has been working closely with our Hong Kong Distributor, Ronna Ma, General Maanger of Lumen Automotive Company Limitied, to increase consumer awareness of the Moletech Fuel Saver through both Top Gear and Car and Driver Magazine.

We look forward to continuing to advertise the Moletech Fuel saver in similar leading automotive publications.

>Hong Kong Global Sources Show, April 12-15, 2009

Once again Moletech exhibited at the Global Sources trade show, this was our fourth outing in Hong Kong and as well as being our home show it has become our favorite venue.

As we all know the world economy has been under a lot of pressure and we have been working hard at identifying opportunities that are set to help increase your business profitability this year. Some exciting new developments were announced at the show that we know will stimulate the market including some new green and environmentally friendly products and a new Moletech pricing structure that is undoubtedly going to bring benefits to your business.

We would like to thank those of you that stopped by during the show and know that our aggressive new pricing structure will add to your bottom line and the new products coming will help our businesses grow together.

>Moletech update

Our involvement in the USA market has provided valuable market feedback, working with a number of large fleets and consumer groups and with the feedback gained from outings such as the CES has helped to identify that there was the demand for new models to cater for larger vehicles, added to the growing demand for the M1027 and M1058 gasoline models we've now introduced the M1088 model which will accommodate vehicles over 3 liters with the additional fuel sensor that now allows treatment of up to 150 liters or 39 Gallons of fuel.

These developments are a direct result of our participation in this market and working closely with our growing dealer network whose participation in trials and providing feedback has been invaluable to the evolution of the product range, they spoke and we listened, those of you that saw us in Hong Kong will have learnt about the new models and how we've managed to get the pricing to new levels across the entire range, if you didn't make it to Hong Kong then make sure to get in touch with us at to learn about the changes, you won't be disappointed.

>CES 2009

Moletech once again exhibited at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the CES show has also proven to be a valuable outing for Moletech with its heavy involvement in the aftermarket automotive retail trade and this show didn't disappoint, the gigantic Moletech booth with the iconic bright orange background helped Moletech attract over 2000 trade visitors to the stand.


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